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Faith Is Not The Belief That God Will Do What You Want. It Is The Belief That God Will Do What Is Right. 
~ Max Lucado
Time You Enjoy Wasting Was Not Wasted. 
~ John Lennon
When Obstacles Arise You Change Your Direction To Reach Your Goal; You Do Not Change Your Decision To Get There. 
~ Zig Ziglar
All My Life Through The New Sights Of Nature Made Me Rejoice Like A Child. 
~ Marie Curie
Once You Replace Negative Thoughts With Positive Ones You'Ll Start Having Positive Results. 
~ Willie Nelson
It Is The Supreme Art Of The Teacher To Awaken Joy In Creative Expression And Knowledge. 
~ Albert Einstein
If You Want Total Security Go To Prison. There You'Re Fed Clothed Given Medical Care And So On. The Only Thing Lacking... Is 
~ Dwight D. Eisenhower
You Have Enemies? Good. That Means You'Ve Stood Up For Something Sometime In Your Life. 
~ Winston Churchill
You Don'T Have To Be Great To Start But You Have To Start To Be Great 
~ Zig Ziglar
Positive Thinking Will Let You Do Everything Better Than Negative Thinking Will. 
~ Zig Ziglar
Good Actions Are A Guard Against The Blows Of Adversity. 
~ Abu Bakr
Music Expresses That Which Cannot Be Put Into Words. 
~ Victor Hugo
Failure Is Simply The Opportunity To Begin Again This Time More Intelligently. 
~ Henry Ford
Our Greatest Fear Should Not Be Of Failure But Of Succeeding At Things In Life That Don'T Really Matter. 
~ Francis Chan
Kindness Is The Language Which The Deaf Can Hear And The Blind Can See. 
~ Mark Twain
I Never Think Of The Future - It Comes Soon Enough. 
~ Albert Einstein
I Believe In Christianity As I Believe That The Sun Has Risen: Not Only Because I See It But Because By It I See Everything El 
~ C. S. Lewis
A Happy Marriage Is The Union Of Two Good Forgivers. 
~ Ruth Graham
Most Folks Are As Happy As They Make Up Their Minds To Be. 
~ Abraham Lincoln
To Be A Christian Means To Forgive The Inexcusable Because God Has Forgiven The Inexcusable In You. 
~ C. S. Lewis
A Man Who Is Good Enough To Shed His Blood For The Country Is Good Enough To Be Given A Square Deal Afterwards. 
~ Theodore Roosevelt
Darkness Cannot Drive Out Darkness; Only Light Can Do That. Hate Cannot Drive Out Hate; Only Love Can Do That. 
~ Martin Luther King Jr.
My Mission In Life Is Not Merely To Survive But To Thrive; And To Do So With Some Passion Some Compassion Some Humor And So 
~ Maya Angelou
A Person Who Never Made A Mistake Never Tried Anything New. 
~ Albert Einstein

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